Parmigiano Reggiano Dop from organic farming

In the heart of the Emilia region, in the green Val d’Enza, there is a village more than a thousand years old where time seems to have stood still, and where nature still dictates the rhythms of everyday life.

In this countryside, surrounded by permanent, ultra-centenarian mixed pastures, Spadarotta Cheese Factory is carrying on and preserving an ancient and valuable recipe, from which Parmigiano Reggiano - the king of cheeses - has been made for more than eight hundred years.

Today at Spadarotta cheese is made - just like in the past - using simple vital and authentic ingredients: milk, rennet, fire, salt, the master cheesemaker’s art, and a long ageing period.

Spadarotta - in perfect harmony with the atavistic philosophy behind Parmigiano Reggiano - takes full advantage of every single aspect of organic agriculture. The dairy uses only milk taken within the factory, from cows still put to pasture and fed with hay and alfalfa from the surrounding land.

Tenuta Spadarotta has always belonged to the Magnani-Rocca Foundation, and today it is being sustainably refurbished and modernised thanks to the commitment and passion of an entrepreneur from Trentino who at the beginning of the millennium was struck by the magic of the location, and decided to take on its destiny and its future.

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